MOA2 VMware-admins-toolbox




watch it boot up inside a VM
(ca 15MB zipped video in VMware-codec)

watch how to use vdiskmanager
as a ghost32 replacement in BartPE

watch it boot into RAM






Latest screenshots showing boot-options ...


(MOA running in a VM - hot cloning another VM
and storing the result on the physical VMware-host)




Many thanks to Bart Lagerwij for the PeBuilder
Many thanks to Ben and his UBCD4Win project
Many thanks to Sherpya for his XPE
Greetings to Frodo, Jaclaz, Joshua, Paraglider, Cdob, Highlander and all the others from the 911 forum
Thanks Petr, Rob and Dave from the VMware-community

Thanks to Ponzandro for useful suggestions

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