How to use vdiskmanager as ghost replacement



Task: Image a 30Gb disk with Windows into a VMserver via Network
We will safe the final vmdk on a VMserver host which has the IP
This server offers a share named pub.



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First screen shows BartPE 3 minutes after starting the box.
Configure network via penetcfg.exe and mount the share on \\\pub as driveletter Q:\

use explorer to find the P2V-candidate
(in this case it is on the drive currently mounted as C: in BartPE)

Use diskmanagement and remove the driveletter
(this is not really necessary when you do not access C: during the procedure)

create a new VM and
add a rawdisk for physical drive 0 ...

.... and safe it as R:\temp\raw-disk.vmdk

Close the VM and launch vmware-vdiskmanager

run the vdiskmanager with -r option and convert into a split disk we safe in Q:\

This procedure maybe slower as ghost32
- but it safes you one step as no restoring of a *.gho image into a vmdk is necessary!

This screenshots are taken from the blockbuster


featureing VMware-workstation, VMware-vdiskmanager and MOA2

To view the movie you need a box with VMware Workstation to be able to view the VMware-codec ...
(ca 20 Mb zipped file useing VMware-video codec)

First posted in December 2004 - based on BartPE + Workstation 4.5.2


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