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MOA-cheatcode net

allows to map a networkshare instead of a ramdisk


WARNING: experimental


After network setup moa.exe checks the presence of R:\temp.
If this directory is not present at this time - moa.exe pops up a Window.
You must connect to a networkshare and map this to driveletter R:

If you know for sure - and only then - you may establish this network-share by adding it to penetcfg.ini.
In case your predefined share is usable - the popup will be skipped.

Do not use in production yet - we got to fix this issue first.

After that is fixed cheatcode "net" in combination with kioskmode makes up a nice "fat client".
When you create a new version and plan to use "net" or "disk" cheatcode
you can obviously skip the bartpe\moahome , _sfx_ and vm-dir when writing the new iso.
As this allows small CD-size - the prefered way of usage "net" is a ramloading build.

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Does not matter - works with all moa.ini settings other than start_kiosk=yes.


Instructions    FAQ   Configuration   Help    Screenshots   Videos