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uncomplete list

small app that shows how PCI-slots in a VM behave when you change the vmx-file by adding devices


batchfile ...
For historical reasons ;-) as far as I know this was the first tool that created vmx-files. Outdated

liittle tool that calculates the start-time for a VM ...

more ...

basic VMware related driver-pack for BartPE based on 2k3
due to bandwidth reasons this is available for registered users only

more ...

MOA-LiveCD stuff
building-tool, updates, inf-files, latest moa.exe

more ...

if you are interested contact me

old VMware-workstation plugins for BartPE
old and outdated stuff - if you are interested contact me

liittle tool that helps editing monolithicSparse and Snapshot files ... (experts only !)


builts the core of MOA 2.1 LiveCD- needs 2003 sp1 sources and VMMware workstation 5.5.2



OpenBSD, NetBSD and FreeBSD only need one file to configure X. So once you have found a good configuration-file you can use it for every machine of the same OS. In OpenBSD and NetBSD it is not so easy to find a good file. In many cases my files will work on the spot - linux-hosts with framebuffers may have problems if it works at all.

You can download my XF86Config-files for OpenBSD here.

You have 2 otions - 1024x768 or 800x600

After download put them in folder /etc.

To run X with 1024x768 type in 'cp /etc/XF86Config.1024 /etc/XF86Config'
To run X with 800x600 type in 'cp /etc/XF86Config.800 /etc/XF86Config'

After you have done this simply run 'startx'



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