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VMDKs and Snapshots

tips and tricks for creation and repair of virtual disks ...

when it is too late ...

often used procedures ...

disktypes-table ...

comparison of monolithic and split growing disks

translating snapshot-manager buttons to common sense   

diskreport -tool

a trial to explain snapshots  
virtual disks in custom size  

how to use a monolithicFlat with Workstation and ESX

create linked clones for VMplayer and VMserver with Ken Katos vdk.exe

converting IDE to SCSI 1
converting IDE to SCSI 2


flatmaker2.cmd - create preallocateds disk from scratch ...

CID-chain repair ....

SparseED - wrapper for dsfo.exe, dsfi.exe and thegun.exe to edit monolithicSparse or Snapshots

.... some older german pages ....
was ist ein Snapshot ?
wie speichert VMware die Festplatten der Gäste
run several REDOs from one Master-disk (or how to clone manually)

.... good posts in VMTN ....
Revert To Snapshot leaves additional virtual disk files on the host HD
Please document how to move a VMserver-VM with a snapshot
absolute-path problem
HELP! Can't start VM - "Parent Virtual disk has been modified" error

.... advanced stuff at sanbarrow forum ....
VMDK öffnen nach crash
disk-report discussion


MTBF on vmdks ?

I like the idea - it sure is lower than infinite ;-)

I am sure it is a function that directly relates to userskills X and hostOS-index Y and snapshot-depth Z - maybe
MTBF = X * Y / Z

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