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MOA-cheatcode "create ramfile" / "ramfile"

allows usage of a preallocated virtual disk instead of a ramdisk

A "ramfile" is nothing else but a large file that can be used as a virtual disk.
With Ken Katos vdk.exe we can mount such a file to a driveletter.

Moa.exe uses fsz.exe from the dsfik-tools and creates a file of 1536 Mb.
This is done very fast. Then this file will be mounted to a driveletter so that it can be formatted with NTFS.
Once that is done MOA will return you to the cheatcode prompt and for your convenience it directly enters "ramfile" into the prompt.
If that is ok - do nothing and wait for the selector-popup.
Select your newly created ..\ramfile.img - this will be mounted then and boot continues ...

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Does not matter - works with all moa.ini settings other than start_kiosk=yes.


Instructions    FAQ   Configuration   Help    Screenshots   Videos