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How to use Enterprise ColdClone
Converter 4 with MOA / PE

The Enterprise version of the ColdClone Converter is only available to Enterprise customers of Vsphere
and it comes installed within a WinPE CD - but it can also be used with MOA and maybe other PEs.
As far as I know the latest version is 4.1.0 build 161418
Right now it is the only available ColdClone Converter version that can directly import to vSphere.


Mount the CD somewhere

copy the complete VMware-Converter directory into your MOA-build R:\vm\converter4
This makes sure that we can use it side-by-side with Converter3 in R:\vm\converter.
You also need vstor2-converter.sys which can be found in the I386\system32\drivers directory on the CD.
Copy the driver to R:\vm\converter4 as well.
Next create a batch-file like this one - name it coldclone4.cmd and put it into R:\bin

echo off
regedit /s r:\vm\converter4\winpe.reg
drv_ctl --inst-nostart vstor2-converter R:\vm\converter4\vstor2-converter.sys
net start vstor2-converter
net start cryptsvc
hiderun R:\vm\converter4\vmware-converter.exe -r vmware-converter -x 1 r:\vm\converter4\converter.xml
ping localhost -n 5
net start vmware-converter-1
start r:\vm\converter4\converter.exe -boot

Create another textfile with this content and store it as R:\vm\converter4.winpe.reg



[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WinPE\Features]


If you want create a desktop-icon. Right click on desktop - say create shortcut. Point to R:\bin\coldclone4.cmd and use the icon from the converter.exe.

You can start Converter in Cold Clone -mode then byclicking the desktop-icon or simply enter "coldclone4" into the run-box in startmenu.
Do not start it by clicking converter.exe directly - this will launch it in hotclone-mode only.

To use Converter with other PE-builds adjust batch to your needs.





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