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   the ESX-bandit project   - preparing the files


Create a new directory without spaces in the name on a NTFS formatted drive

good example: "M:\moa-esx-bandit"
bad example: "C:\moa test"

Now download moa24-setup-018.exe from here
For best results your directory should now look like this:

The file X13-05665.img is the freely downloadable Windows 2003 - servicepack2 180-days trial edition.
You can also use a different CD in case you do not want to download 600 MB.

Please keep in mind: this wizard runs through some software setups like installation of framework and ViClient.
I only support and test builds with english / us localized CDs and can't help with trouble-shooting other languages.
In short: using the reference source is highly recommended.

Create a subdir "src" and populate it with this files




To get the file "vmware-viclient.exe" connect to a ESX 3.5u2 or to a ESXi 3.5u2
- you will be able to download the file from the Hi-there start page.

You can get the latest version of the file esx-bandit.exe here
The file uses a version-number on the download-page - rename it to "esx-bandit.exe"

Please note - with this first test-build the Workstation setup is not included - it will be added in next version.



do you got the files ?    yes
if not : start over


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