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   how to add Workstation to MOA 2.4


Basically it boils down to: install once - keep the files

Latest MOA-core supports all VMware Workstation 5.5.8 up to 6.5.2
This means you do not have to rebuild or otherwise change your existing MOA.

MOA can handle several versions of Workstation in one build.
This is possible because MOA expects that you have all files that belong to a specific version in one directory.
At boot-time you give the path to this directory - MOA then checks if it knows the version - if yes it applies apropriate patches.

So all you have to do to add a specific Workstation version is to prepare this directory.

Can I use MOA - install Workstation on the fly and grab the files ? - yes - recommended
Can I create this directory from a local installation I already have ? - yes -thats Plan B

How to I reduce size of the directory ?


How do I wrap it into a wim-archive ?

How do I enable loading of Workstation ?


How do I automate load of a specific version ?

How do I add my license ?

Latest news about WS 6.5 ...


Can I create this directory from a local installation I already have ?

Ok - lets assume you already have VMware Workstation 6.5.0 (or any other version) installed somewhere.
The standard installation path is C:\program files\vmware\vmware workstation.
Copy "C:\program files\vmware\vmware workstation" to C:\ws650

Copy all VMware-drivers from the system32\drivers directory to C:\ws650

copy /Y %systemroot%\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\hcmon.sys "C:\ws650\hcmon.sys"
copy /Y %systemroot%\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\VMkbd.sys "C:\ws650\VMkbd.sys"
copy /Y %systemroot%\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\vmnet.sys "C:\ws650\vmnet.sys"
copy /Y %systemroot%\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\vmnetadapter.sys "C:\ws650\vmnetadapter.sys"
copy /Y %systemroot%\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\vmnetbridge.sys "C:\ws650\vmnetbridge.sys"
copy /Y %systemroot%\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\vmnetuserif.sys "C:\ws650\vmnetuserif.sys"
copy /Y %systemroot%\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\vmx86.sys "C:\ws650\vmx86.sys"

Next copy this files from the system32 directory to C:\ws650

copy /Y %systemroot%\SYSTEM32\vmnat.exe "C:\ws650\vmnat.exe"
copy /Y %systemroot%\SYSTEM32\vmnc.dll "C:\ws650\vmnc.dll"
copy /Y %systemroot%\SYSTEM32\vmnetbridge.dll "C:\ws650\vmnetbridge.dll"
copy /Y %systemroot%\SYSTEM32\vmnetdhcp.exe "C:\ws650\vmnetdhcp.exe"
copy /Y %systemroot%\SYSTEM32\vnetinst.dll "C:\ws650\vnetinst.dll"
copy /Y %systemroot%\SYSTEM32\vnetlib.dll "C:\ws650\vnetlib.dll"



Can I use MOA - install Workstation on the fly and grab the files ?

here is a video made for Workstation 6.0.4 for example



Open regedit and browse to the highlighted key.
Right-click and select export.

Export as "vmware-license.reg" and copy the file to the system32-directory or to the moahome\bin directory.
This way it will be used for all versions you may have.

Export as "vmware-inc.reg" and copy the file to your C:\ws650 directory.
This way you can have different licenses for different versions.



How to I reduce size of the directory ?

Latest Workstation setups used very large default-installations. You may want to reduce this ...

You sure do not need the big vmware-tools isofiles and you also do not need the pkg-directory.

After that - it is a matter of taste. I usually rip the installation even more - have a look at this batch for example:
it installs it - reduces size and creates wim-images

You will find batchs like this in R:\bin after boot into MOA




@echo off
set mytitle=ws605-wizard
title %MYTITLE%
rem COLOR fc
if not "%1"=="EnvSizeIncreased" %COMSPEC% /e:8192 /c %0 EnvSizeIncreased %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9
if not "%1"=="EnvSizeIncreased" goto :end
if "%1"=="EnvSizeIncreased" shift

echo. XX
echo XX written by Ulli Hankeln
echo XX
echo XX Prepare Workstation 6.0.5
echo XX
echo XX First make sure e:\VMware-workstation-6.0.5-109488.exe exists
echo XX
echo XX do not allow reboot after installation
echo XX follow defaults
echo XX

md r:\esx-bandit
echo %time% - install ws605
echo %time% - install ws605 >> R:\esx-bandit\ws605-wizard-log.txt

start /wait e:\VMware-workstation-6.0.5-109488.exe

echo %time% - rip ws605
echo %time% - rip ws605 >> R:\esx-bandit\ws605-wizard-log.txt

del /q "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\*.iso"
del /q "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\*.iso.sig"
rmdir /s /q "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\messages\ja"
rmdir /s /q "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\bin-debug"
rmdir /s /q "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\bin-stats"
rmdir /s /q "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\help\player_win"
rmdir /s /q "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\help\workstation_win"
rmdir /s /q "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\help\wwhelp"
rmdir /s /q "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\pkg"
copy /Y X:\i386\INF\oem0.inf "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\oem5.inf"
copy /Y X:\i386\INF\oem1.inf "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\oem6.inf"
copy /Y X:\i386\INF\oem2.inf "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\oem7.inf"
copy /Y X:\i386\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\hcmon.sys "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\hcmon.sys"
copy /Y X:\i386\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\VMkbd.sys "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\VMkbd.sys"
copy /Y X:\i386\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\vmnet.sys "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\vmnet.sys"
copy /Y X:\i386\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\vmnetadapter.sys "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\vmnetadapter.sys"
copy /Y X:\i386\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\vmnetbridge.sys "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\vmnetbridge.sys"
copy /Y X:\i386\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\vmnetuserif.sys "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\vmnetuserif.sys"
copy /Y X:\i386\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\vmx86.sys "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\vmx86.sys"
copy /Y X:\i386\SYSTEM32\vmnat.exe "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\vmnat.exe"
copy /Y X:\i386\SYSTEM32\vmnc.dll "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\vmnc.dll"
copy /Y X:\i386\SYSTEM32\vmnetbridge.dll "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\vmnetbridge.dll"
copy /Y X:\i386\SYSTEM32\vmnetdhcp.exe "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\vmnetdhcp.exe"
copy /Y X:\i386\SYSTEM32\vnetinst.dll "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\vnetinst.dll"
copy /Y X:\i386\SYSTEM32\vnetlib.dll "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\vnetlib.dll"
echo %time% - make wim ws605.wim
echo %time% - make wim ws605.wim >> R:\esx-bandit\ws605-wizard-log.txt
imagex /capture "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation" R:\esx-bandit\ws605.wim "1" /compress maximum

echo %time% - rip more ws605
echo %time% - rip more ws605 >> R:\esx-bandit\ws605-wizard-log.txt
del /q /f "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\p2v*.dll"
del /q /f "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\data\*"
del /q /f "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\ace_upgrade.exe"
del /q /f "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\vmware-acetool.exe"
del /q /f "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\vss*.dll"
del /q /f "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\farexec-service.exe"
del /q /f "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\EULA.jp.rtf"
del /q /f "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\V2iDiskLib.dll"
del /q /f "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\vmware-ufad.exe"
del /q /f "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\singleJobRunner.dll"
del /q /f "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\deployPkg.dll"
del /q /f "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\pkgGen.dll"
del /q /f "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\vmware-fullscreen.exe"
del /q /f "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\ufa*.*"
del /q /f "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\*.msi"
rmdir /s /q "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\Resources"
rmdir /s /q "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\tools-upgraders"
rmdir /s /q "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation\vmware-tools"

echo %time% - make wim ws605-ripped.wim
echo %time% - make wim ws605-ripped.wim >> R:\esx-bandit\ws605-wizard-log.txt
imagex /capture "R:\programs\vmware\vmware workstation" R:\esx-bandit\ws605-ripped.wim "1" /compress maximum
echo XX all done





How do I wrap it into a wim-archive ?



How do I enable loading of Workstation ?

edit moa.ini




How do I automate load of a specific version ?

Lets see some examples ...
First one autoloads Workstation 6.0.2 from a wim-archive you have in the _sfx_ directory of your MOA-CD.




Next loads Workstation 6.0.5 from a wim-archive that you put inside the ramloading image - this improves performance and you can change CDS after boot. You need to re-run MENU > Postprocessing > create bandit-image





Next example loads Workstation 6.5.2 which you have in a directory on a USB-disk that you load with cheatcode "remount"
The path already is R:\vm\vmware


Finally a more advanced example - it assumes you have Workstation 6.5.0 in a directory on a local disk named C:\ws650


you also need a batch named "earlybatch.cmd" in your R:\bin\ - directory that has this line


if not exist R:\vm\vmware junction R:\vm\vmware C:\ws650








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