VMX-file parameters - unsorted trouble-shooting




this is some stuff that I found in various locations - don't try this unless you are running out of other options.

Windows guests don't install on Linux hosts


Use this parameters for the installation only - once your guest is installed remove them.

magicboot1 = "400"

Possible values are "800", "1600", "3200", "6400" maXimum value is "10000"

Reference: knowledgebase


NT 4 crashes with core dump


cdrom.minvirtualtime = "100"


Don't use if it doesn't help - affects performance!


Windows-guest hangs at boot


Some possible reasons:


Unformatted floppy image connected at boot-time: don't use unformatted images during a boot-cycle. If you add a new blank floppy-image always format it at once - also unconnect any unused images.


Network related:

Sometimes Windows-guests have problems to probe the virtual Nics at boot-time: try

vnet.dontProbe = "TRUE"

Don't use it if you don't need it - it affects performance.



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