Funniest replacement for a VMware Board Warrior Shrit Wins - see this thread for details

Price: original first release board warrior shirt - used (by me)

Deadline: VMware-world 2007

All board-members status higher than lurker may send in as many entries as they like


sent your designs to the webmaster of this site - keyword shrit-contest


Continuum 2.January 2007


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1. continuum 2.1.2007





2. jasonboche 3.1.2007


original size


3. arthur emerson 3.1.2007








9. continuum 4.1.2007

First version of this design had some hard-to-find problem - fixed it (5.1.2007)




11. tom howarth 11.1.2007

(print on rear)







1. What is a "shrit" ?

    A shrit is so to say a very early (virtual) stage in the life-cycle of a shirt.
A stage where the shirt itself hardly even exists at all,
more like "apt to be a shirt one day" - or a promise for a shirt ...
A shrit relates to a shirt like egg to chicken.
An egg may turn into a chicken one day - it also may remain a simple egg forever.
Problem is - you will never be able to predict the course of events.

You will never be able to predict the date when your shrit turns into a shirt.

2. Has it ever happened that a VMware-shrit did tunnel into real existence ?
   Sure - I can confirm that this may happen - I once received a board warrior shirt -
though that was back in the days when a shirt was still a shirt -
who can tell that nowadays ?


3. Will this happen to VMware virtual machines as well ?

   You mean - will my virtual machines one day convert into a real machine ?
Sorry - this is subject to a lot of speculation. Most experts do expect time-frames
like 2 years and more before there is a higher than zero chance for a
virtual machine to tunnel into real existance.

Recently rumours stated that deep down in Kasachsstan a VMware-virtual machine (WS3)

tunneled into real existance. Lucky coincidence was that nobody was at home - so nobdy
was hurt.

Police reports later explained the unexpected existence of this computer with
a shop-theft incident some weeks before. Don't know if this sources are trustworthy ...


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